In Uncategorized on June 2, 2009 at 7:56 AM

Good Morning Fellow Historians,

I have begun a rather ambitious project where history students can interview and speak with eyewittnesses to historic events. Simply encouraging students to question their elders can likely bridge a generation gap, possibly forge a friendship and certainly open a closed chapter in history for all concerned. Inviting an older friend or relative to speak to a class, not as an expert on a period but rather as a participant in an event, will open new doors to historic understanding. History, as taught today, can be boring. Memorization of dates, names and places does not put an event in context or reveal the human aspect that is always intricately woven into all historical events. Direct contact with eyewitnesses allows us to see these events from the perspective of those who lived them. It makes human an event that is at times inconceivable to imagine.  Obviously I have not yet worked out the details. More to follow!   Remember, you made history today; don’t forget to save it.


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