In Uncategorized on August 28, 2009 at 7:26 AM

Good Morning Fellow Historians,

In the course of raising three sons, I have on occasion been surprised to find them helping around the house without being asked to. I’ve never been a big fan of dusting so I am always delighted when on of them takes it on. Recently the youngest, sophomore in college, asked about a small vase in the den. His older brother had made it for me 26 years ago. A spice jar, rolled in sand and painted with many colors. I explained the background on the piece and left the room. Walking into my office my eye caught another piece, this one from the middle son. I put down my files and walked into each room taking notice of all the little nick knacks that have a story for me and my family. Those stories can easily be forgotten but they are truly a part of what I am.  So I began yet another project; documenting the stories of my “things”. It is another chapter in the history that is me.

Take a walk around your own home and notice all the “things” that have their own story. Jot them down, pass them on. They too are part of your history and you need to save it.


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