In Uncategorized on September 2, 2009 at 7:53 AM

I watched “The Hidden Holocaust” last night on the National Geographic channel. It was about the Einsatzgruppen; the special Nazi forces that killed 1.5 million Jews in Eastern Europe. These “action groups” were literally the precursor to the death camps. The few survivors that were interviewed remember with terror the killing. One of the commentators indicated that the entire incident lived in two places; in the memories of those who survived and in the documentation and pictures that still exist. His statement resonated with me because it is true. Very few of us today can personally know the horrors of the Einsatzgruppen. We must rely on the documents and pictures to tell the story. We are however witnesses to other events. We are living in “the economic crisis of 2009”. We lived through 9/11. In our lives we too have seen history unfold right before our eyes. We should all document what we see and how we feel about it. Those words and thoughts can someday be the documents that clarify our time for a future generation looking back. Remember, you made history today; make sure you save it.


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