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Good Morning Fellow Historians,

At this writing my journal project is coming along rather nicely, though I have taken up my entire dining room table with all these books, pads, scraps of paper and such. Skimming through them to find dates in order to put them in some sort of order is giving me mini flashbacks of my incredible journey thus far. Mentioning my project to a friend has inspired them to begin interviewing their mother who has recently been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s. She wants to make sure to get the precious memories documented before they are lost forever. What a gift that will make for her great grand children!

On another subject, the letters from my grandfather are now wonderfully preserved. I actually enlisted the help of a professional who was far better qualified than myself. I learned a lot from that experience and am confident if I come across other old documents I’ll be able to preserve them myself. One of my son’s pointed out that people have not changed much in their need to communicate. Today we text and email and 70 years ago we wrote long hand.

Remember, you too made history today, make sure you save it.

  1. Hi Linda, My e-mail address is actually (I mistyped it in the previous message!).
    Would love to hear about the progress of Savig History when you have time.

    Thanks again,
    Norene H. Trondsen, MDE

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