Because your story is priceless

In Uncategorized on June 14, 2011 at 5:21 PM

Hello Fellow Historians,

I recently had my DNA tested by National Geographic and discovered the migratory path taken by my ancestors; more specifically my very distant ancestors. Even if you are not interested in having your own DNA tested I highly recommend everyone check out the Genographic Project if just for the sheer educational factor.

I called several family members with the results and we sat in sheer awe of our common journey. Trying to stretch our imaginations back 50,000 years to envision the people who share our common lineage was difficult but ever so exciting. In one conversation the subject of a big rock came up. My grandmother used a large rock to keep the kitchen door open. Just the mention of that  rock opened a floodgate of memories that steered the conversation over twists and turns and many many years.

That is how memory works; it is poked, sometimes just a bit, and wakes up. But memory does not last  and when family members pass on their stories are gone. You may inherit a box of memorabilia but the story behind the artifacts is often missing. While your life today may be a struggle your story will be priceless to someone in the future. You’ve made history today; make sure you save it.


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