History is always new

In Uncategorized on July 11, 2011 at 11:30 AM

Hello Fellow Historians,

In a recent conversation with some friends the topic of “boring history” came up. While I never see history as boring I’ve been told some do. In fact, one friend reminded me that students today are not interested in what happened when white wigs were vogue. Back and forth they bantered leaving only room for my occasional “but, really history is not boring”. By the time the subject changed I’d convinced no one save myself.

We moved to more pressing matters; specifically what was on HBO. Mildred Pierce, Carlos, Cinema Verite, Luther, and the list went on. Seeing my chance I reminded every one of the earlier statement about boring history and pointed out that it could not be boring if scores of films were continually being made about it. Simply put, history is very much of interest to everyone; my generation, your generation, X, Y, pick a letter from the alphabet, we are all intrigued by history.

We cannot forget that history is simply the interpretation of a past event, place, or person and each generations re-interpretation skills are based on their own world view. Perhaps that is the beauty of it after all; history is the event that has already transpired yet continues to evolve.

Remember, your story is priceless too…you’ve made history today…remember to save it.


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