Odd History Discovered in Berlin

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Good Morning Fellow Historians,

Cleaning out a bookshelf I came across a newspaper article I’d
saved from several months ago. Printed in the January edition of the Orange
County Register was a short article in the Nation and World section entitled; “Pup’s
Salute Had Nazis in Uproar”[1].
It seems a recent discovery of documentation in Berlin revealed a rather odd
obsession the Nazi’s had with a certain dog (yes, the four legged, man’s best
friend kind). Jackie, a Dalmatian mix was said to raise his paw in a way that
resembled a Nazi salute. As such, the owner’s wife (he a Finnish merchant)
referred to the dog as Hitler and she being known for her anti-Nazi sentiments,
caused concern within the Nazi party. For nearly three months Germany’s vice
consul investigated the matter finally dropping it on the instruction of Hitler’s
Chancellery office.

I found this article delightful and returned it neatly to
the bookshelf. It is of course a prime example of the often bizarre extremes
the Nazi party went to in order to control the population but I also see it as
a keen reminder that these tidbits of information provide a unique insight into
the true history of the time. I’ve heard that “nothing happens until it is
written down” and while that sentence can launch untold debates it does ring

It is likely none of us have pets that will alarm Homeland
Security or the CIA in this manner (well at least we can hope). But, and this
is important, we all have tiny tales, little nuggets of information, odd
stories and remembrances that can impart that aspect of history that only we
can share. Think ahead, far ahead, and ask what little bit of information about
your day today will help your ancestors better understand your life and the
times in which you lived?  You’ve made
history today and your story is priceless…write it down.


[1] Associated Press. “Pup’s
Salute Had Nazis in Uproar”. Orange
County Register.
January 8, 2011 p.3

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