One Life Per Person

In Uncategorized on September 24, 2012 at 8:48 AM

As a boomer myself I balk at the notion of “one life per person”. I am living proof that we get dozens of chances to create, change, or ruin our lives. We can each think back and remember the lives we lived when we worked at a particular job, how it influenced our lifestyle and beliefs. Over the course of my adult life, I’ve worked for myself, for large corporations, and small companies and the person I was during those times is different than the person I am today. We are of course evolutionary creatures thus making the “one life per person” theory inaccurate. But…and here is the rub, if we take the 30,000 foot view of the statement we see in fact it is sadly true. Regardless of how many transformations we make during our lives the fact remains the same; we are each born, we will live, and eventually we will die. The “one life per person” now becomes a call to action. If my life is unique, and I believe it is, then how I lived and why I lived becomes a story only I can tell. The same is true for you. We might not be rich or famous, we might not be many things, but the one thing we are is unique. We are each historic creatures, living in a specific moment and the story of our lives is interesting! We are each part of history and our story is priceless.


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