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I often attend lectures at the local library; their free and usually interesting. This past Saturday at the Tustin Library in Orange County California I had the opportunity to attend one of the better ones. Jessie Cozean spoke about his new/first book My Grandfather’s War: A Young Man’s Lessons from the Greatest Generation.
Like most of the other lectures, this one was about an hour, was held in the small community resources room, and drew a small group. The author was prepared, brought plenty of books (hardcover no less!), and presented in a very relaxed manner. No surprise, this was a personal story; and what a story it is.

Jessie’s grandfather fought in WWII, was captured during the Battle of the Bulge, and was held in a German POW camp for more than 100 days. Thankfully he was freed at the end of the war and able to return to his family.  Like so many others from “The Silent Generation” he closed that chapter of his life and moved into the next. Over the course of a long life he would on occasion revisit those days and share some memories with his family but the sharing was limited, reserved, and selective. This would change when the grandfather moved in with Jessie to convalesce from a serious medical issue; the silent war hero opened up and Jessie was all too happy to be the sponge to soak it in.

Not only did Jessie come to know the man his grandfather was all those years ago, but because his grandfather never threw out anything, he had a cache of documents and memorabilia that were invaluable for his research. For a historian those old musty boxes are the ultimate treasure. The experiences of Jessie’s grandfather are extraordinary and the book is a tribute worth reading but the story is shared by many others. How many other stacks of papers, boxes, and trunks contain the untold stories of other war heroes? How many basements and attics are filled with the keepsakes and memorabilia of ordinary men, women, and children who lived extraordinary lives? The answer is simple; ALL OF THEM. There are stories and details and lessons waiting to discovered, shared, and passed onto the next generation.

My Grandfather’s War: A Young Man’s Lessons from the Greatest Generation is a duel memoir interwoven with subtle life lessons developed in a war fought more than seventy years ago but remain vitally important today. They are unique to that moment but no different than the lessons waiting to be unpacked in your own basement.

Remember, you should be Saving History…because your story is priceless.


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