A Mini-Legacy in Under an Hour!

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They are stored away in the dark corners of our attics, garages, and basements. Some have grown so large they require a place of their own; a storage locker! Others are small and manage to line our shelves and bookcases. They are our keepsakes and mementos and while they mean the world to us on an emotional level, they often challenge us on a physical one. Some of the “clutter” belongs to us and some we’ve inherited. Items once showcased on our refrigerators and too precious to “throw away” end up lovingly stored in a box. The ones we inherit are even more problematic. We know there is “stuff” in there that belonged to … (fill in the blank) and it might be important, it might be interesting, it might be junk.

We tell ourselves we are going to go through those boxes, organize them, and maybe even split them up for the kids (now grown). We are going to do that…we are going to do that…we are really going to do that. But we haven’t quite gotten to it yet. There are dozens of reasons why and at Saving History I’ve heard them all. Some valid (yes, there are only twenty-four hours in a day) and some not so much (those boxes have nothing to do with me). While your schedule may be overloaded and your life is generations removed from the contents of those boxes, there is a piece of your history in there waiting to be shared. You may be worried that a project of this type is far too large for your time-starved schedule.

Not to worry!!! Of course Saving History can walk you through any size project. Check out our website for the details. BUT, if you are brave and want to take little bites of that great big elephant there is an alternative; it’s called Legacy Stories and you can easily upload five photos and record a short three minute narrative describing each of them and Voilá; you have a mini legacy in under an hour!!! Cost…FREE. Yep, Legacy Stories is committed to recording the legacy of the 20th Century and so they provide the tools and shoe box storage for FREE. Yes, you can upgrade and get more space and yes, that will cost money, but you don’t have to. You can start small, you can dip your toe in the water, and you can leave an invaluable gift for the next generation. If you have questions I’m only an email away.

Remember, you should be Saving History…because  your story is priceless.


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