Saving Memories

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photo recovery



It is Memorial Day and across the United States many of us will gather with friends and family to honor and remember our military and their service to our country. It’s a day of parades and BBQ’s; it’s a day to share stories and plenty of pictures. In Moore Oklahoma, where residents and scores of volunteers are working to restore the city after last week’s deadly tornado, they will also gather to remember our military as well as their neighbors whose lives were so tragically touched that day. It will take weeks for search and rescue teams to comb every last nook and cranny of the tornado’s path. While volunteers tirelessly search for trapped victims they are also busy gathering bits and pieces of the heart and soul of a community; the family pictures and keepsakes flung far and wide. Volunteers arrive at the Moore Community Center carrying bags and boxes filled with the valuables, mementos, and photographs; hundreds and hundreds of photographs.

Thankfully most of us will not experience the devastation of such a tornado but we should heed the warning. The keepsakes and photographs that represent our own history can also be lost. Whether to any number of natural disasters or simply lost to time, our history is priceless and we should make efforts to preserve it before it is too late. While the task of documenting a lifetimes worth of photo’s and keepsakes may seem unmanageable, it does not have to be. Start today, this Memorial Day. Take a moment to jot down the names and places in the photos, maybe even a recipe or two. Best of all, take advantage of digital technologies and cloud storage wherever possible. Start with today and work your way back in small chunks. You’ll not only safeguard your life story for future generations, you might stir up some fond memories in the process. Remember, you should be Saving History…because your story is priceless. Happy Memorial Day!


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