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Take advantage of the holiday rush

In Uncategorized on December 14, 2012 at 10:33 AM

The holidays are here; Hanukah nearly over, Christmas around the corner, and a new year looming on the horizon. If you are anything like me you realize right about now that your “To-Do List” has grown to impossible proportions. What used to be a short drive across town now provides enough time to complete an entire audio book (ah, note to self…keep ipod loaded with new audio books). There is no escaping it; we are deep in holiday mode and by January 2nd we’ll be exhausted and much of this will be a blur. However, there might actually be a silver lining to the time-starved cloud that surrounds us during this time; some profound opportunity to all this rush and madness.
Many of us will be out shopping and spend countless and precious time in retail lines. Instead of tapping an anxious foot, checking facebook, or staring blankly at the floor mulling over the many other things you need to get done before you can slip your shoes off, take a moment to offer a smile or holiday greeting to those around you. Maybe go so far as to chat about the traditions you hold dear during this time of year. Each interaction is in fact a learning experience and helps to broaden your own perspective. Who knows, you might even learn a new and creative way to use the dreaded holiday fruitcake!
History surrounds us and it resides within our memories and experiences. Take advantage of the family get-togethers to gather the stories of your loved ones. What was it like, who did they share this time with, where did they go? Answers to these questions not only add pages to your own family history but more importantly help bridge the generation gap. Invite your friends and relatives to share your meal via facetime or skype. Set a place at the table for your distant relative, prop up a laptop or tablet, and let them join in the conversation.
Remember, history is a collection of stories…and your story is priceless.

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